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Nike continuously explores ways to connect with their communities, 
one of which are “Sneakerheads”.

Their app, SNKRS, provides insider access to the latest launches, hottest events and exclusive releases that Nike has to offer.
The goal for this project is to release a new feature within the existing app that allows users to connect with one another and share their love for sneakers through a community feature.


might we

How might we integrate a system into the SNKRS app that is seamless and intuitive for users to share their love for sneakers, to build a community and create a sense of connectedness.

and findings

We went out and interviewed 6 young adults (25 - 40 yo) who considered themselves Sneakerheads and currently use the SNKRS app, to investigate their pain points and to further validate our initial hypothesis that users want to share within a community their love for sneakers, their collections on to connect with each other, post pictures and create their own boards.

Users want 
to be part of an
official Nike

Users want to
share their

users want to
connect with

users feel
frustrated not
getting sneakers
on the drop

users turn to
other social
media to share
their collections



After conducting a competitive analysis of four different apps, several key findings have emerged.

Firstly, only one brand allows users to comment or react to a post of their own.
Secondly, none of the apps enable users to create their own social profile to share their pictures and collections.
However, three brands provide information on exclusive drops, which could be advantageous for sneaker enthusiasts.
Moreover, two of the brands permit users to scan SKU to verify sneakers, which can be a valuable feature for authentication purposes.
Lastly, none of the apps offer the ability to create boards with favorite pictures.



Justin Reyes is a 25-year-old Bio-Technician
living in Los Angeles, CA.

He has a passion for sneakers and loves attending events like ComplexCon where he can connect with other sneaker enthusiasts. Justin is always on the lookout for the latest releases and is willing to go to great lengths to get his hands on a rare pair of sneakers. He enjoys collecting sneakers and has a growing collection of limited-edition kicks that he proudly displays in his apartment. Justin is also a bit of a tech enthusiast and enjoys using apps and other tools to stay up-to-date on the latest sneaker news and releases. In his free time, Justin likes to hit the gym and stay active. He is also an avid gamer and loves spending time playing online with his friends.

and experience


We resolved our case by adding the “Community” element to the bottom navigation of the current app.
Within this section the users can:

Profile-mid Profile-high

Create their own public profile

The user profile section of our sneaker app allows users to showcase their unique style and sneaker collection. Users can upload a profile picture, display their location, and share their name. At the top of the profile is their collection of sneakers, which are displayed as a series of badges, each one unique to a sneaker model. This provides a visual representation of the user's collection. Through the profile, users can also access the feed, boards, and insider tabs, which provide the latest news, trends, and exclusive content in the sneaker world. Finally, all uploaded pictures appear in the profile section, allowing users to showcase their latest purchases, outfits, and collection updates with others.

Upload pictures and share them with
the SNKRS community

Our app allows users to easily share their sneaker-related images and videos with other members of the community. Users can upload photos and videos from their recent pictures or capture them in the moment using the in-app camera feature. To make browsing and organizing easier, users can tag their sneakers in the picture, allowing others to quickly identify the model and style. Additionally, users can add music, a description, and even repost their images and videos on other social media platforms to expand their reach.

Upload-mid Upload-high
Comment-mid Comment-high

Like and comment others users posts

Our app's social feed feature allows users to engage with one another through liking and commenting on posts, strengthening the community aspect of the platform.

Add pictures and create boards

Our app's board feature allows users to create personalized collections of their favorite sneaker-related images from the community feed. Users can save images to boards, name them, and organize them in any way they choose. This feature allows for a more customized and organized browsing experience, where users can curate their own collections and easily access their favorite images at any time.

Create-board-mid Create-board-high

Badges System

Our app's badge system allows users to proudly display their sneaker collection in a fun and unique way. Every time a user purchases a new pair of sneakers, they will receive a distinctive badge that represents that particular model. Users can collect as many badges as they want, and they will appear at the top of their feed for all members of the community to see.



UX: Australia Alatorre, Lily Mae, Caitlin Peterson, Daniel Barajas.
UI: Daniel Barajas, Patria David.
Copy: Lily Mae, Australia Alatorre, Caitlin Peterson, Patria David.

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