In the USA, one of the main problems of traditional healthcare is the struggle of booking an appointment for a Primary Care doctor in a timely manner.

Oftentimes when patients are sick, they call for an appointment only to find out the average wait time is 
18 days.
Our solution is to create a telemedicine app.


might we

How might we be able to provide fast, affordable, accessible and quality primary care through telemedicine.

and findings

We went out and interviewed 3 different ages groups to investigate their pain points and to further validate our initial hypothesis that users want fast and reliable healthcare in a timely manner and that a telemedicine app is a solution that they would use.
Group A adults 18-34 yo, Group B adults 35-50 yo, Group C 51+ yo.

Takes up to 10 days
for an Appointment
with their primary
care doctor.

users don't go
immediately to dr
unless it

users would use app
for: headaches, flu,
cold, allergies,
sleep & mental issues

wait times and costs
are the users
biggest pain points
with primary care

all three age groups
mention to feel 
comfortable using
social and daiting apps



After conducting a competitive analysis of four different apps, several key findings have emerged.

In a competitive analysis of two telemedicine apps, it was found that while one app offers immediate appointments and the ability to refill prescriptions, neither app offers a bio of the available doctors or allows patients to choose their preferred doctor. Additionally, only one app offers voice and video chat options, while the other app is limited to text-based chat. These findings highlight the need for patients to consider their specific needs when choosing a telemedicine app, as each app has its strengths and weaknesses.
After analyzing the social aspects of two popular apps, Instagram and Tinder, we have found that the ability to post and watch stories on Instagram and the ability to match with others on Tinder are highly desirable features.



Justin Reyes is a 25-year-old Bio-Technician
living in Los Angeles, CA.

He has a passion for sneakers and loves attending events like ComplexCon where he can connect with other sneaker enthusiasts. Justin is always on the lookout for the latest releases and is willing to go to great lengths to get his hands on a rare pair of sneakers. He enjoys collecting sneakers and has a growing collection of limited-edition kicks that he proudly displays in his apartment. Justin is also a bit of a tech enthusiast and enjoys using apps and other tools to stay up-to-date on the latest sneaker news and releases. In his free time, Justin likes to hit the gym and stay active. He is also an avid gamer and loves spending time playing online with his friends.

and experience

In our telemedicine app, we plan to integrate two social features by allowing doctors to post stories related to their fields of expertise and implementing a swapping system that will enable patients to match with a doctor they feel comfortable with. This integration of social features into the telemedicine app can enhance patient engagement and provide them with a more personalized experience. By enabling patients to match with a doctor who fits their preferences, our telemedicine app aims to make remote healthcare more accessible and efficient for everyone.

Profile-humane-bw Profile-humane-color


The dashboard is a central hub within the telemedicine app where users can easily access the four most important tasks. These tasks include "Talk to a Doctor" for virtual consultations, "History" to view past medical records, "Pharmacy" to refill prescriptions, and "Appointments" to view the calendar of upcoming appointments. By providing a clear and organized layout of these key tasks, users can efficiently navigate and manage their healthcare needs through the telemedicine app.

Login and Onboarding

Our telemedicine app offers an easy and seamless login process, and a short onboarding process to get users started quickly. With just a few clicks, users can access the app and begin using its features right away.

LoginOnboarding-bw LoginOnboarding-color
Create-profiles-bw Profile-humane-color

Create profiles

Our telemedicine app allows users to create two profiles: a general profile with basic personal information and a medical profile with detailed information for their doctor. This feature enables users to easily manage their healthcare needs by providing doctors with relevant medical history and current health conditions.

Talking to a Doctor

Our telemedicine app offers a user-friendly and efficient way to talk to a doctor through a simple and intuitive process. Users can simply hit the "Talk to Doctor" button, and will be prompted to enter information such as the specialization of the doctor they need, their current symptoms, medications, and preferred language and gender of the doctor. The app will then display a list of available doctors with a swapping system that allows users to find a doctor that meets their needs. Once a suitable doctor is found, users can press the call button for a video consultation.

Talktodoctor-bw Talktodoctor

Rate Doctor and Fill up Prescription

Once the call is ended, users will be prompted to a summary page where they can view any annotations and instructions provided by the doctor during the call. From this same screen, users can also refill their prescription or go back to the home screen.


Conclusion & Next Steps

In conclusion, our proposed service has the potential to revolutionize the way users access healthcare services by providing a seamless social experience with their preferred doctors. By incorporating additional features such as messaging, appointment booking, and public profiles for doctors to showcase their expertise, we aim to further improve the overall user experience and satisfaction.
The next steps would be to continue developing and refining these features to create a truly unique and valuable platform for both users and doctors.



UX: Lily Mae, Caitlin Peterson, Daniel Barajas, Patria David.
UI: Daniel Barajas.
Copy: Lily Mae,  Patria David.

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